The Historic Ritz Theater

The Newberry Community Players is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to providing the opportunity to attend and participate in live theater for the citizens of Newberry County. NCP believes that live theater is a key component to the quality of life of a vibrant community.

The organization was founded in 1970 by a group of theater lovers led by teacher Steve McCutcheon. The group’s first production was "Winnie the Pooh" at the old Drayton St. School. Wanting a permanent home, the group purchased The Ritz Theater, a 1936 Art Deco movie house on Main St. They held their first production "Life With Father" there in 1975.

With few entertainment choices in Newberry during the late '70s and '80s, The Ritz became THE place to see great musicals like Sound of Music, Mame, and South Pacific. While competition from other forms of entertainment and volunteer opportunities have led to challenges for the group, NCP has seen a re-flourishing of late.

Dinner Theater, Comedies, Shakespeare, and larger productions at the Newberry Opera House, such as "Always...Patsy Cline" have been at the base of the group’s revival. New in 2016/2017 is a face lift to the building and an entirely at-the-Ritz season. We've also added some Improv and a Madrigal Dinner.

"What I love about community theater is that a chicken farmer can star in a play with a bartender and a zookeeper. You get to see your friend or neighbor or cousin pretending to murder his wife while his real-life wife laughs hysterically at this farce from her dinner theater table!" stated Arts Team Chairman Ellen Hunt.

In an effort to run more efficiently and encompass more of the community, our board has expanded from 8 members to 16—with a President and Comptroller. There are two board divisions: Arts Team that focuses primarily on producing quality productions and educating the community, and Business Team that focuses primarily on building maintenance and restoration. This split means that our Team, as a whole, can work with strengths within each board and continue to grow our presence in the community.

Come See What We're Becoming! For additional information about productions, donations, building use, or volunteer opportunities, please contact Melissa Sheppard, president: 803-597-1636 (msg), email:

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